Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wild Animal Adventure

Hi folks, I was planning on going to Canada but change of plans.. packing up my bags, and going to Asia tonight! I'll be flying in the sky for about 10 hours. Don't call me because you won't be able to reach me.. bad reception in the sky. I'm looking forward to seeing the Bengal Tigers, snakes, birds, and all other types of animal in Asia. I'll take lots of pictures to send for you guys. My main goal is to track the fierce Bengal Tigers. They are the most beautiful but very strong and deadly animals in the world. I'm very excited but nervous for my adventure. Wish me luck.

Yours Truly,

Thomas M.


  1. Thomas! What made you change your mind in such a WILD way? Wow! And who are you using to help you track the Bengal Tiger? I imagine there is a group of people in the country you're headed to that dedicates itself to the study of Bengal Tigers. Are you using that organization or person to help you glimpse that powerful tiger? Let us know! And what country in Asia are you headed to? Oh, and about the tracking expedition: please tell us what you take on your trek into the jungles. Very different packing than Niki's suitcases, I imagine! Carolyn

  2. Ahem Carolyn! Why is everyone making fun of my packing?!?!? Anyways, Thomas, do NOT get eaten by a tiger, and hey, do you get good reception in Asia? If you hear a bengal roaring, call me, because I want to hear it! I will probably be at the Parthenon, and I am pretty sure that doesn't make any noise, but I will send you a picture!! Have SO so so so so so so so SO much fun on your jungle expedition!!

    Niki Mouse :)

  3. Hi, Niki I read what you sent me. Thank you for that. There is probily reception in Asia so you can call me,but you may not reach me because I will be tracking the Bangle Tigers,or they will be tracking me??? I will send a picture if I am still alive??? I will try to send you a video.

    yours truly


  4. Hi Thomas be super careful.
    I hope you find lots of Bengle tigers.

    love Michelle

  5. Thomas, Don't die!! Gosh. That wouldn't be good. By the way, I LOVE BANGLE TIGERS!!!!!!! They are like the coolest animals EVER!!!!

    Have a blast in Asia!

  6. Bengal Tigers, people! :) If you're tracking them you'll want to know how to write about it in National Geographic magazines, right? Bengal! :) :) Carolyn

  7. Instead of just calling Niki call everybody at the same time so we get to hear you get attacked by a tiger! I mean for you to attack the great Bengal tiger!!!!!! Please be very very very safe and make sure to bring A LOT of pepper spray just in case.

  8. Good idea Logan. Call us all at once!! And as Logan said, bring hope a lot of pepper spray, we do need it here because of the mountain lions and just in case the Bengal tigers follow you back to Truckee and try to eat us all. But I have heard that Bengal Tigers are kind of gentle so I doubt that would happen. LZ