Monday, January 24, 2011


I just fought in a traditional Muay Thai fight! It was cool.

I've seen lots of snakes in Thailand, there were king cobras, coral snakes, and a Malayan pit viper!

One of the good things about Thailand is that there is no snow! This means I don't have to be as cold, and I don't have to shovel.

Here in Thailand there is a palace where once a year tourists come and give a big feast to the monkeys.
Here's what each picture is of:
the first picture is of my Muay Thai fight, that's me with the red gear.
the second picture is of the monkeys I saw, pretty cute huh?
the third picture is of a Coral Snake, cute but deadly.
the fourth picture is of a Malayan Pit Viper, they are super poisonous.
the fifth picture is of a King Cobra, it has a really cool hood thing that it shows when threatened.


  1. The pictures of the snakes are SICK!!! I hope you won your Muay Thai competition. I like the colors of the coral snake. My Uncle Tim went to Thailand and saw a lot of elephants. Have you seen any elephants yet?


  2. Keegan, those snakes are amazing! But I don't think I will be coming to Thailand though because I am deathly afraid of snakes. I hope you one the Muay Thai fight. LZ

  3. Keegan, thank you for the photos of your time in Thailand. You've done it've seen animals you're interested in and done what you love to do--fight in a controlled atmosphere! So great. Thank you for the tour. I appreciate it! "Cute but deadly" is my favorite description. :) Carolyn

  4. Same here I hate snakes they are horrablie I am so scared of them but other than that thats really cool!

  5. yes I won my fight

    LZ- I dont think the snakes are scary, i think there cool

    cody- i just saw an elephant today!!!

    carolyn- your welcome :)

  6. P.S. if you didn't figure this was keegan from my blog


  7. SWEET! LOVE snakes. I am going to have to ask Logan to go there next. are the elephants tame? I'd love to ride one! Yacob

  8. Keegan! Congrats on winning your fight! And also, did you take the pictures of all the snakes? If so, you are a really good photographer!