Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hot Tub Anyone?

One of the first places I want to visit is Niseko, Japan. I want to visit not just because it has some of the best powder skiing in the world, but I also want to see the Japanese Macaque, or snow monkey. The snow monkey has always been my favorite animal, and they only live in certain parts of Asia.

Since I will not have enough money to ski at all of the resorts, I will have to pack up my backcountry gear. I need to put my randonee bindings on my powder skis and I get some new skins. Also, I'm going to need to learn Japanese or find somebody to translate Japanese to English for me. One of the things I'm not looking forward to is eating weird food like fried moth larvae and gross stuff like that. At least I'll have Jacob with me to try it first.



  1. Logan, this photograph is one of my favorites. I want to travel to these springs..maybe not hop in with the monkeys...but, well, photograph them? I love your thoughts about Japan. Jeff spent a chunk of time in Japan. He was sponsored by a footbed and the company wanted him to go to a ski show there. Most of all he thought Tokyo was the craziest, zaniest places ever (he loved it) but there was one experience in particular he wasn't so happy about. He got very sick (food poisoning) from eating sushi at a sort of "bulk sushi" restaurant where the sushi goes round and round on a conveyor belt and you just grab whatever plates of sushi you want. Well...he spent the next day very very sorry for having eaten there. You should ask him about Japan. I've only been in its airport, so I can only tell you it was clean and crowded! :) Carolyn

  2. Gee Carolyn, nice pep talk. "Logybear" have fun in Japan, and don't go to the sushi place Jeff went to!!!!! You better be ready for some long hiking when you go skiing!!!!

    Niki Mouse :)

  3. Hi Logan, I hope Anna and I can hit Japan too. I think it would work out because we both LOVE sushi so starving is not one of the things we would be doing there.

    You are so lucky that you are going to see those snow monkeys!!! I have always loved them!!!

    Well have fun back-country skiing!!

  4. Hi Logybear! I think you should try the gross moth larvae stuff first, and I'll go get some hot cocoa or something like that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to skiing and monkey's hot tubs!

    P.S. Kagura in Niigata sounds good.

  5. Gee Logan,that moth larva sounds [Hesitation]
    very, very, very, well theres not a word to
    describe how disgusting thats going to be.
    have fun-

  6. Hi Logan hope you have a wanderful time in Japan, I think you will have a great time.