Thursday, January 27, 2011


P.S. (don't know why they got so big i said

when we were on are way to the red sea we we had to take many things to get there buses taxis and of course walking..... as we walked we walked on many different roads one of which was a valley road, as we walked across the valley road we noticed a little bump every now and then one time it moved and it freaked me out, its like in cartoons you're so paranoid that you feel like its moving when your not looking and not moving when you are looking (yea get it?) ... anyway one last time i saw it moved and Niki and i both screamed the realized it was just a tortoise we laughed at how silly we had been and I said to Nikimouse "hey I know this species on tortoise it is its the ...the.. OH!!! the African spurred tortoise!, and she said "yeah they are endangered aren't they." " yup I'm pretty sure they are!" so we called the the zoo and they said that they'd keep the spot protected. after that we were on are way:)
When we got to the red sea I was so surprised that it was no actually red (hahahaeheheh just kidding) it was very pretty i think and made for great pictures and yes how could i not of course i did go SURFING!!!!! it was great, didn't have to where a wetsuit which i was glad for cause they are a pain to put on and take off when wet.... anyway Egypt is wonderful having a great time!


  1. Thank you for the photo of the tortoise and the great story that went along with it. I love tortoises...they're everything that's GOOD and SLOW in the world, I think. :) I love to watch them blink and eat. Ellie, try hard to make sure those photos aren't so big. Thanks! Carolyn

  2. sure thing carolyn I tried to get it smaller but it wouldn't work and tortoise are the best!...slow and steady wins the race