Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exploring Morocco

Isn't it interesting how different those pictures look? I mean, one's the desert, and the other's a waterfall...and they are both in Morocco! I took a camel tour through the Sahara Desert that was three miles long, and my camel didn't like me on its back so much because I kept turning trying to take pictures of everything. So do you know what happened when he got annoyed? He started spitting, or rather regurgitating his food along with some saliva, and shot it out his mouth at me. But I ducked, and the guide calmed down the camel.

While in Morocco I also took a biking trip into the mountains. Then I had to get off my bike and begin hiking through the thick foliage. All of a sudden, I ran into this BEAUTIFUL waterfall (see photo above). As I was going back to my bike, a wild boar jumped from behind a tree and charged at me. But I ran like the wind and swerved into the foliage toward my bike. But the boar was FAST, and I had to leap over a thorn bush, and the boar ran into the thorn bush and I got away. Then I biked down the mountain pretty fast for fear that another boar would try to attack me.

North Africa is pretty exciting, so I hope Keegan is having a great time in South Africa.


  1. Nicholas, That is amazing that that there are so many habitats in North Africa! And that you get to explore them! Have a blast traveling! LZ

  2. Wow Nicholas that is quite a story you have there.Now if I were you I probably would have
    let the camel spit on me, because personally
    I think it would be kind of cool to be able to
    say that a camel spit on you.Well have a good

  3. Nicholas, I can just see you swerving and ducking and twisting! You do it so well in your own living room and now, Morocco! And yes, it IS incredible the two different types of land cover in one small country. I remember being in Israel and finding myself one day in the desert and one day in the jungle with the same gushing water and broad leaves to duck and twist around. I did NOT run into any wild boar, but what's up with that wild boar stuff? Even in France we were warned, not of mountain lions, but of wild boar! Crazy! Great letter home! I loved reading it! Carolyn

  4. I guess that all that gymnastics is paying off! Not just in the terrain park, but in the jungle!
    Did your camel have one hump, or two humps? Are you living like a nomad? Or are you staying in a building?

    Niki Mouse :)