Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From the jungle, to the mountains, to the desert!

Hi everyone! It's me Niki! Ellie and I just arrived in Egypt, and met up with Kelsey and Mia at the Great Sphinx, and let me tell ya, that is one BIG. . . . . .uh. . .creature. Now let me spin you a tale, of the many travels of Niki Mouse, and her secret accomplice ELMO!!!:)
Madagascar was really awesome! We landed in Antanariva (I hope I spelled that right), the capital of Madagascar, stayed in the "Sunny Hotel"-also in the capital. And then explored the jungle! I went to Mantadia National Park, it was unbelievable, it was like being in a zoo, except no enclosures. I don't have many pictures, because, while on a tour of a colony of Silky Sifakas, I met a Sifaka they are tracking, for scientific purposes; his name is Gerald. He was climbing all over me, and I thought he was so cute, until he unzipped, and climbed in my backpack, grabbed my camera, and ran off, the little thief!

Since I can't use my own pics(cough cough Gerald), this is a picture that they have of Gerald, who is actually a six year old female. Don't ask me why they named her Gerald. Silky Sifakas live to be about eighteen years old, and weigh eleven to sixteen pounds. Unlike most species the female is actually the dominant gender over the males. Due to habitat loss, they are becoming endangered, I guess it isn't only people being pushed and pulled from places, the silky sifakas are being pushed out of their natural habitat. Luckily, people are taking action to rescue this adorable docile little creature. And yes LZ, they are very fuzzy.
After Madagascar, we went to Kenya, and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a Maasai guide. It was tough work, and we had some close calls with bandits, but all in all it was really awesome! We stayed with a young woman named Namelok, which means, the sweet one. She was very nice, and had great hospitality, she told us all about her people, and that they have been living on the land since ancient times, and once again, since I didn't have my camera thanks to my little friend, I had to ask someone else to take a picture for me, this is Namelok's brother, his namd is Koinet, meaning, the tall one

He is very tall actually, so it is a good name for him.

I haven't bothered with a picture from Egypt, I am just going to buy a new camera sometime, Gerald. So far we have only gone to the Sphinx, and we just got back from that, and I am boiling to death! I think I am going to go swim in the hotel pool, see ya!

Niki Mouse :)


  1. Me too can not wait to go to the the vally of the kings (yes we are to see the tombs mohahahahahahha!!!)and go see the red sea totally bringing my camara:)

  2. i feel bad that you got robbed by that little theif gerald!!!

  3. Niki, what a fabulously entertaining and informational blog. I am so intrigued by the matriarchal animals! Weren't humans also matriarchal at one distant time...and I think there are some cultures that still are! I love how you reminded us that the Push/Pull phenomenon does not exclusively effect humans. No, animals, too, suffer losses at the hands of "push." Thank you for your blog. The Maasai people are incredible, yes? I'm just learning about them myself. Carolyn