Thursday, January 27, 2011


Canada's awesome!  The skiing's amazing and the views are breath taking.  I knew the snow in BC would be good, just not how good.  Yesterday I got some of the best turns of my life in waist deep POW! 

Today Thomas and I did some awesome tree skiing, and I jumped of a 20 foot cliff and stomped the landing.   This place is great!   

A couple days ago while we were hiking for fresh lines in the back country we saw a herd of Wapiti (which means American elk) feeding on tree leaves. There is a lot of wildlife here. Similar to Truckee, except here there are grizzly and polar bears. And the fishing is great, I've been eating lots of salmon.

It's time to go 
down to the marina, and meet with the port captain to see if our paper work has been cleared for the boat to leave the county. I hope it is!  Then all we have to do is get our provisions, let go of the lines and point the boat south...or east...or       

I guess Thomas and I still need to decide where we are going next. -CODY


  1. What kind of salmon and what are you using to catch them with?

  2. Cody!!!! So fun! I love this line, "same wildlife as in Truckee, except for GRIZZLY AND POLAR BEARS!" That's funny! ;) Thank you for telling us about the native word for the elk and the logistics of getting provisions and doing paperwork for your boat (nobody traveling by plane has to do that)! Very interesting map you posted, too. I love seeing maps on this blog! I like to know EXACTLY where you are. Fabulous reporting! :) Carolyn

  3. Hey David, I was eating king salmom and I was catching them with mackerel.