Thursday, January 27, 2011

Venice is F-U-N fun!!

Listen readers, I don't have much time for typing this so we have to make a deal, if I type this fast
you have to read it fast.Deal? Well to start off let's just say Eleanore and I are having the time of our lives.We tried out for swim team there and we had to explain to everyone (in Italian) that we were from America and we just wanted to see what their swimming techniques were like.Of course
they didn't understand.I have to go now for two reasons, #1, I'm almost out of charge,#2, Eleanore
and I are at a really fun party right now.Gotta go cause it's time to limbo!!!!!!!!

see you when we get back!!!


  1. Anna, wasn't that party so fun!!?? It was a blast dancing and eating devine pasta!! LZ

  2. Silly girl. Love the story. I imagine the VENICE swim team is pretty hard to get into! :) Carolyn

  3. Niki, they swim in the canal of course!!! LZ