Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In South Korea...

Hey Guys, This is Mia. I think I'm using my brother's profile because my mom has not set me up for one yet. Right now I'm on the plane to South Korea. This is the country where my mom was born and raised. I'm excited to see lots of Tigers and other animals that live in this country. One of the things I'm looking forward to having is foods. Korean foods are delicious, and different from American foods. They use lots of peppers, garlic, and onions. I don't like the peppers so much, but my brother loves spicy foods. I'm really looking forward to seeing my mom's cousins, and my cousins there. Maybe I can learn more of Korean language. That is what I am supper excited about. Can't wait...

by Michelle 'Mia' M.


  1. Oh, Mia, I'm soooo excited for you to be with your mom's family. That's the very BEST part of traveling, in my opinion. Loving the people you love in a new place. :) Please let us know how they greet you! With a hug? Or not? I'm so interested in how people around the world show love. Kelsey is excited for the food, too! What are you going to have first...and where is the "nature" in South Korea? What is it like. Our "nature" is pine and granite and rivers. What is it like in South Korea? Carolyn

  2. Mia!! Don't talk about food like that, you're making me hungry for some DELICIOUS Korean food!! Get some to go, and bring it back for me, please! Oh my gosh! You are going to have so much fun, I think that when Ellie and I are traveling, we are going to HAVE to stop by South Korea!!

    Niki Mouse :)

  3. Mia, I LOVE KOREAN FOOD! We had a South Korean exchange student and we had kim-chee for breakfast. It was sooooo good!!!

    Have a blast on your trip! LZ