Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When In Rome (Or Greece In My Case). . . . . EAT AT EVVIA!!!

I have just arrived in Greece!! It has been a long journey, filled with communication complications, but I have made it! I started by landing in Spain, then to France, then a day in Italy, and FINALLY to my main destination. . . GREECE! I have seen the Parthenon now, and I think that it is really fun to be able to say that! Also (as shown in the picture above) I ate at a REALLY good restaurant called Evvia, I ate an entire Sea Bass, and I took the head and tail off, because trust me, it REALLY makes it hard to eat when you can see the FACE of the thing that you are eating, don't you agree?


I am not sure if that one worked. . . Well anyhow, I am currently staying at, "Grand Bretagne" a very nice hotel. I met a girl who is staying in the same hotel as me, and she is from Hawaii, she is living in Greece for a whole YEAR!! I can't wait until you meet her Ellie! She knows all the hotspots for Greek tourists, all the places to go (although I think I will be staying in Athens for the rest of the time, but in the future), and she is very nice, and fun to hang out with. She took the picture of the Parthenon for me, and I just found out, she is going to a Greek school, and taking a photography class! She says that her teacher is like, "The Archimedes of Photography"!! Well I am having a blast here in Greece, and my jetlag has worn off at last!! Have good adventures (Indiana Jones Music) -Niki Mouse :)
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  1. Did the bass taste like chicken? Jacob

  2. Niki, I have always wanted to know this: Is the food in Greece greasy?
    Can you please answer that question???!!!!! Please????!!!!!!

    Have a really good time in Greece! LZ

  3. Niki, thank you for such a thorough note home! I am excited to hear you've met someone spending a year in a foreign place. I see you doing that, too, only you love all kinds of places for all kinds of reasons so I can't imagine which place you'll choose! Thank you for telling us about the structures and the food and the people and the craziness of travel. What actually happened that constituted a communications mess? Please explain! I remember Greece. I was actually only in Corfu, a big island that looks nothing like the others. Jeff and I were there, riding mopeds (well, actually, I don't like those little mosquito bikes so I sat on the BACK of his), eating, yes, Greek salads, and hanging out on the sand! I remember mostly sweeping out our little hotel room often. Funny I remember that. It's funny what you remember from places. Love. Carolyn

  4. Jacob, Sea Bass does not taste like chicken, it tastes like fish, and it smells like really stinky dead fish (which kind of ruins your appetite. LZ, no, NOTHING(that I have had so far) is greasy. When you are in Greece, you eat a lot of goat, lamb, Mousakka, and Sea Bass.Also, they LOVE olives, you eat olives as an appetizer, as a light snack, in a salad, how about toast that has olives in, and on it? Yes it is true, even I the olive lover am getting a little sick of them. Big "C", I purchased a smart phone, by using my small Greek vocabulary, the most complex thing I know is, "I want to buy this." So I told the dude that I wanted the phone, and then I found this translator app, and purchased it, so then I found out how to say stuff!

    Niki Mouse :)