Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Great Escape

FRANCES BUSTED ME OUT OF JAIL!!! You wouldn't believe it, she showed up with a huge, strong, mighty camel she named Lumpy. It was the middle of the night when I saw a tiny light shining outside and then I started getting pelted by little rocks through the bars of my window. I started to get mad, but then I heard Frances whisper "zip it Cody!" and I knew help had arrived. She quickly tied one end of a rope to the bars of the window and the other end to Lumpy's hump. Then she held out a handful of figs in front of Lumpy's nose and he followed her, without even realizing it, he bent the bars of the window just enough for me to squeeze out! Frances and I hopped on Lumpy's back and headed for the Nile.

It was still really dark when we got to the Nile River and we had a hard time finding a boat big enough to fit Lumpy. We finally found a huge catamaran and talked the tour guide into giving us a midnight ride. The hippos and crocodiles scared Lumpy pretty bad. I had a few dates left over from my brief stay in the clinker so I decided to feed them to Lumpy to try to calm him down. Once we got into the Mediterranean Sea, Lumpy started to calm down. The next day the winds picked up and the sea got pretty windy. Just as we were heading into the Adriatic Sea this boat said they would take us to Dubrovnik. The boat was named the Argosy and Lumpy was stoked to have a room to himself.

Dubrovnik has a giant wall that goes around the entire city. They put this wall up during the 14th century to protect their city from bad guys. Dubrovnik has a lot of oak trees "Dub" means oak in Croatian. Frances and I got to walk through all these awesome waterfalls with oak trees surrounding them.

Frances and I haven't decided where to go next, but I am just happy to be out of jail. THANKS FRANCES, YOU ROCK!!


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  1. Cody do you know where we are going next? Did you say something about the South Pole? I think you did. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO! Frances Joy