Saturday, January 22, 2011


Thailand is awesome accept for the fact that they don't use toilet paper. Keegan


  1. Well Keegan, I think that is because they are poorer down there than in America. We have the luxury of toilet paper. It doesn't sound like I luxury because we use it so often but it is. So many countries in the world don't use toilet paper but we just happen to live in one of the richest countries so we get toilet paper. We are pretty lucky.

  2. Keegan, thanks for letting us know. Isn't it just great how we get to experience NEW things when we travel? Wow, and the next time you walk into the store with your mom and see the aisle of toilet paper, mountain ranges of toilet paper (one-ply, two-ply, softer, coarser, recycled, fully bleached, etc), imagine the ranges NOT being there. Would the store be smaller? Would we Americans need to fill the space with something else we think we need? Hmmmm. :) Thanks for the post! Carolyn

  3. If Ellie and I go to Thailand, then we are packing TONS of TP

    Niki Mouse :)