Thursday, January 20, 2011

One country down, six to go

Okay, I'm convinced this blog is mad at me.....I don't know what I did but it refuses to work with me.

But on a brighter note.....

Did you know peacocks were endangered in South Korea? I didn't, until last week anyway.
South Korea is an awesome country, with awesome food I might add!!
This week I'm flying ahead of Mia while she does some last things in South Korea. I'm going to set up our hotel and expeditions. I know we are going to The Great Pyramids of Giza, and hopefully we will visit the Sphinx and The Valley of the Kings as well. It would be really cool if we could tour a tomb, like King Tut's or Queen Hatshepsut's. Queen Hatshepsut is definitely my favorite pharaoh, because against all odds and the norm and rules of her time, she was a female pharaoh, and she did a good job too. But someone didn't like her, or wanted their child to be the next ruler, because after she died her name was scratched out, like she never existed. I'm going to see if I can pull some strings and see if I can get a privet tour of Queen Hatshepsut's tomb/temple. I wanted to post a picture of it, but it wouldn't let me.
Well all for now, I can't wait to get started touring Egypt!


  1. Oh, Kelsey, scratched out of history as if she never existed? That is craziness. None of us is immortal but the idea of never having existed is a tough one. Thank you for this interesting idea to chew on. I'll help you with the blog if you need it. And why on earth is the peacock endangered? What do the Koreans use of the peacock that it is endangered? Carolyn

  2. Yeah, this blog is sometimes really bothersome. You just have to pet the computer nicely and say kind things about it and then the computer will thaw and be nice to you back. Try it, it works! LZ

  3. Cool! See you in Egypt, I think. Ellie and I are still thinking what we should do. . .