Thursday, January 13, 2011

Japan Will Be Awesome

Hi everyone! I am very exited to ski in Japan. I also want to see some sumo wrestling. Some of the wrestlers are 400 pounds!!! Can you imagine being 400 pounds! I also like the style of their roofs. I found this information about their roofs: "Traditional Japanese architecture tends to be simple and dignified. The Japanese house roof typically has a shallow pitch without curves or garish ornamentation. Clay roof tiles are often used in combination with copper roofs." See you in Japan, Logan! I hope you like the moths!


  1. Jacob, this is so exciting: people and architecture! Sumo wrestlers have always been a mystery to me and those rooftops have always intrigued me! I have a feeling both are really rooted in tradition. I wonder if hip hop and sumo wrestling have ANYTHING in common. What do you think? Looks like Japan will hold different experiences for you and Logan. I LOVE that! Whenever I traveled with friends or sisters, we always ended up parting for a few days to do our own things! And then coming back together is really interesting! Lots to talk about. Sounds like that's what you and Logan might do! Can't wait to hear from you! Carolyn

  2. Wow, you did a lot of research! Tell me all about sumo wrestling, and could you take a pic. of Logan eating the moths??

    Niki Mouse :)

  3. EVERYBODY calm down! I am not eating the moth larvae unless they are fried and come with BBQ sauce. Yacob can you do some research on what the sumo wrestlers are eating because apparently it is really good (I want some!!!).
    P.S. I'll do some research on Kagura and we might be able to go there after Niseko.

  4. Yacob I cant imagine being 400 pounds I dont think I could walk! Make some good turns for me.


  5. Jacob, I bet Japan Is really fun! LZ

    P.S. shove the moth larvae in Logan's mouth then make him swallow it. If you don't do it, I will fly to Japan from Italy and do it myself! Thanks!!!