Saturday, January 8, 2011

Packin' up

I am not sure how many more suitcases I can pack (I have already stuffed three, and would have a fourth had the zipper not broke when I was zipping it shut). I am also trying to go by European time, so my jet lag isn't too bad when I arrive. . . . . . . . . it isn't really working as well as I hoped, but hey, that won't matter until I actually arrive. Very excited to go!!

Niki :)


  1. Niki, great idea! Jetlag Training. Not sure it's going to go over well with your sister, brother, mom and dad, but if you're quiet when they're asleep and they're quiet when you're asleep, it just might work! Hmmm, not seeing Asher partaking well. As for suitcases: be very aware. I thought I'd take just one LARGE suitcase to Europe once...I was going for 4 months. It was enormous and PACKED FULL. One very LARGE, or should I say small problem: European elevators. Yes, I hauled that suitcase up lots of very narrow staircases for all those months. Where are you going first? Which country? Maybe your parents could send you a different package of clothes for each country? Or did you know there are air tight bags you can roll your clothes into? Final piece of clothing advice: you will wear one outfit the whole time. You think you'll wear more. You won't. :) Carolyn

  2. Hi Niki,
    Wow. You are already packing! Good idea. Packing early. Sorry, it's just that I always pack last minute for some strange reason. I will start packing tomorrrow. How is that? OK. Have a wonderful trip!!!

  3. What did you pack to fill FOUR suitcases? Nicholas

  4. Nicholas, I think she packed a lot of underpants. But I don't know. LZ

  5. Just to clarify, LZ is the one who packed a lot of underpants, and as for me, I have TONS of bubblegum so my ears don't pop too bad. I also packed money (each country's currency), a whole lot of money. LZ just some final words, I have so charitably given you such a WONDERFUL nickname, and you shouldn't use it as your signature when speaking in vain of the AWESOME!!! Niki Mouse :)