Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dune Park!

The camel ride was epic! I had quite the view from the bump, and the spitting camel was funnier from above. When I first saw the Pyramids of Giza I couldn't believe I was actually there! I hopped off my camel, Nerfertiti (in Egyptian means "the beautiful one has come"), and the first thing I saw was signs posted everywhere "Stay Off Pyramid", "No Climbing on Pyramid", "Go Home Cody"! I had not thought of this one. So I started digging. I burrowed under the sand past the guard station, and toward the backside of the Great Pyramid. I quietly climbed up the first few blocks and didn't look back until I was well on my way to the top. As I was climbing I felt as though I was surrounded by ancient Egyptian Gods, I guess the Valley of the Kings was still creeping me out. The limestone blocks of the Pyramid were hot and gritty when I touched them, and I was wishing I had packed some grippy gloves. It was REALLY HOT, but the climbing was not hard. Each block was taller than me so I had to put my hands up on the higher block and JUMP as high as I could, land on my stomach and swing my legs up. It took a while, but I made it to the top!

While sitting on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza I wanted desperately for a gust of wind to blow and cool me off. Then I realized I needed my skis! I had an EPIC IDEA!!! I quickly climbed down and started building a ramp from the bottom of the smaller pyramid. If I could climb the smaller pyramid, ski down it, and launch off my sand dune ramp I might be able to tap the top of the Great Pyramid with my skis. It was risky, but I was probably only going to be in Egypt once in my life. WooHoo! SWEET!!

One small problem, apparently they were serious about all those signs they had posted. Frances, HELP!!! They took my camel, my skis, and I am in jail in Giza, just waiting . . .



  1. Cody, Sorry that you are in an Egyptian jail. Are you meeting any CRAZY Americans like you who ignore all the signs telling them to go home and you still climb/ski the Pyramid of Giza, or are you all alone because everybody knows what the consequences are! Oh Cody. Have a marvelous time in jail. Frances is going to spend all her travel money getting you out of that place but then that won't be enough so so she will have to work in a little Egyptian market-place for a year (or more) trying to earn some money and you guys will be stuck in Egypt forever!!!!

    See you when I come visit you and Fjoy in Egypt in 30 years!

    P.S. If the food in jail any where is bad and the food in Egypt is bad then the food in jail in Egypt must be really bad. Is it?

    P.S.S. Did you do a new trick off the pyramid? Did you name it? I have a suggestion: Double Camel Hump with a Triple Pyramidal Twist

    Ya' like?

  2. I know what you should call your trick,Double Camel Hump With a Triple Pyramidal Twist, That Lands You In Egyptian Jail!! Just don't get arrested again. Why did you do that to Frances, she wanted to have a good time in Egypt! Now she's coming to help you! Also, did you ever have the race up the pyramid? And if you did, who won?

    Niki Mouse :)

  3. Oh Cody Cody Cody, Jail??? They do post signs for a reason...

  4. Frances and I did race to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza and I TOTALLY WON...NOT!

    The food in jail sucked! But the desserts were pretty good . . kinda sick of eating DATES!