Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look at the cool mutant baby crocodiles,isn't it saweet!

Which head do you think swallowed this meal?

Isn't amazing how many monkeys there are in the town of Lopburi.

I got to hold one of those little cutie petutie monkeys, don't they look so cute. There is a tradition that is 21 years old of feeding the monkeys an annual feast, at the local temple.


  1. What a strange but interesting tradition!That is really cool Keegan!

  2. Thank you Keegan for showing us the animal life in Thailand. You're doing a great job of including us and informing us. Please make sure you put a title on your post so that we can see the difference between your blog post and another person's blog post. Carolyn

  3. Wow Keegan! Thailand looks and sounds amazing! I hope you and Nicholas are having a blast!! LZ