Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thirsty in Afghanistan

That's me, Carolyn, in the orange backpack! I was drinking tea in Kabul at a colorful cafe when I read about the ancient art of Libya. So, I begged Jeff to change travel plans from Australia to, yes, you guessed it, Africa! Yahooo! Landed in Morocco and took a bus east to the Sahara where Jeff and I met a group of (you won't believe it) UC Davis archeology students studying the ANCIENT ART OF LIBYA! Sometimes the world is just that crazy. I would like to report that my camel bolted during a sandstorm but nothing that dramatic happened. We just walked around this sacred site and talked to really interesting Californians. One woman was actually a grandmother. She was the toughest one out there! I did get very thirsty and thought about those women in Africa who spend 6 hours of their day hauling water from dirty creeks...sometimes 50 pounds of water on their backs! I had a backpack and promise of water at home. I'm so lucky. More later! Carolyn + Jeff!


  1. Hi Carolyn,
    Oh my gosh, it looks so dry out there!
    But I bet you and Jeff are having the time of your lives!!! So tell me, what does it feel like when you are out in the middle of the Sahara Desert? From the picture above it looks like very rocky. I NEVER pictured the Sahara being rocky. I just thought of it mountains of sand! Hmmmm.

    I miss you both!!
    XO, Eleanore

  2. Hi Carolyn!
    Wow! What a climate change compared to Truckee! You must be having a blast! That is just too funny that you ran into a bunch of Californians on the other side of the world!What was the temperature out there while you were walking?

    Have a blast on the rest of your trip!!

    Niki Mouse :)