Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hold Your Horses! And boats and planes and trains!

Before you travel to your next destination, let's dedicate a few posts to the yesterday's incredible stories. I will post some of the things I remember...and I'll leave lots for you to post! Just one story or one image you remember would be great...or more!  I will always remember...

A girl crossing the border by herself, scared but determined (at 12!) to have a different life than her mother's. That same girl picking tomatoes all night long in Sacramento. That same girl returning home to a father who was, all these years later, proud of her and whose opinion of women had changed.

A boy noticing on the street a sort of "ghost town / tumbleweed" effect and then came the tanks! That same boy demanding water so his apartment complex could drink. That same boy taking the Koran that used to sit on his father's dashboard to America.

A girl wondering why she was so "dumb" that she couldn't speak at meals as all the Americans did. That same girl, as a woman, wondering if she should go "home" to Korea to retire ... only as long as her family comes!

A young woman listening to her grandmother to travel with her ears and eyes OPEN! That same young woman missing her long table full of food and family.

Okay, your turn! There are so many images, so many words! If you want to expand on something I mentioned, go for it!

Thank you all again for showing such maturity and sensitivity. You are great kids.
Thank you! 



  1. I think the Greek man's story was very interesting. One day he is playing on a man made hill with astro-turf and going to a very good British school and the next day tanks are blowing up buildings. Women couldn't go out on to the street because they were afraid they would get killed. He even had to pull a gun on a man to get water for the people who didn't have the money to buy it and were dying.

    His push was war and food and water running scarce. His pull to America was a teacher he knew and contacted for help.

    If I were to pass him in the grocery store I would not have thought he lived through war and poverty. He just seems like a hard working, kind man.

  2. THE MOST AMAZING CLASS I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF ATTENDING! WOW!! I was astonished that these beautiful people had never before shared their stories. Whether they were afraid of being judged by others or just had to move on and look toward a brighter future, they were courageous through and through. I am in awe of their strength and determination to make a better life for themselves, knowing they were deserving of that life. I am thankful to have a connected with people who live in our community, contribute to our economy, and hold a higher standard of "LIVING".

    Thanks to each of you for sharing your life with our children! And thank you Carolyn for pulling all of this together, well done!


  3. Thank you both, Logan and Jessica, for such moving descriptions of what, well, moved you. Logan, you are so right on about how quickly life can change but your description of the swing is true writing. Thank you. And Jessica, I agree. What stories people keep "stored" in their minds and hearts are baffling. Thank you for commenting. Carolyn