Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh The Places You'll Go

This is Anna and me kayaking in Baffin Bay. 

Hi Everybody! I hope you are all having a blast in the countries you are in! Well I know I am having the time of my life in Greenland! You won’t believe it but when Anna and I were in Nuuk, we heard that there was going to be a scientific expedition in four days! Anna and I researched this expedition and found that it is led by the “Danish Institute for Study Abroad.” We would would watch scientists work with the ice sheet.  

 The ice sheet is a vast body of ice covering 660,235 sq miles, about 80% of the surface of Greenland! It is the second largest ice body in the world, after the Antarctic ice sheet. In the ice sheet there are many layers. It is amazing because scientists can see the climate (and other things) from the past 100,000 years. 
We will also discuss climate changes, see magnificent wildlife, experience incredibly starry winter nights and learn all about aurora borealis.

I know. That sounds like a lot, but I think it will be amazing!!

Oh, yesterday, on the way back from the market, Anna and I met a kind plump lady who invited us to her small cozy cottage on the outskirts of Nuuk. She gave us some soup and told us her life’s story (in very poor English) from where she was born (on the table where we were eating) to what she had eaten for breakfast that morning. It was wonderful.

All right. Wish me luck on the expedition! 
By the way, look out for Anna's blog. She will tell you some more cool things we have done here! 



  1. Eleanore, something that vast, as vast as the Greenland Ice Sheet somehow frightens me. I remember being on the top of a mountain in the Alps in France, looking out at, well, the vastness of mountains and space in general and feeling very very tiny. It made my heart leap. I can't imagine being on an ice sheet and seeing vastness, then looking into the glowing skies and seeing vastness of space, and then looking out at the beautiful green waters and seeing depths and vastness there! Thank you for helping me to feel the GREATNESS of Greenland. Carolyn

  2. What continent is Greenland in? North America, right? I just got back from exploring the Propylaia, it was really big, and I am really small, and it reminded me of you, of course, this building is uh. . . smaller than the ice sheet, but, it is amazing, you should look it up. Anyway, is the ice sheet slippery? Did your kayak ever tip? Have you been ice climbing at all?

    Niki Mouse :)

  3. Niki, yes Greenland is in North America. And, yes, the ice sheet is slippery. And no, I have not been ice climbing yet but hopefully I will be doing so on the expedition. Have safe travels! LZ