Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt, week two

This week Mia and I traveled down the Nile (by camel!! Talk about sore butt!) to Hatshepsut's temple......lemme just say it was amazing!!!! We got a privet tour, as well as the chance to meet a Priestess of Isis, who is the goddess of fertility and motherhood. When we met her I was asking the guide if Hatshepsut had any children (we have had the same guide the whole trip), when she started ranting on in Arabic, something about never question the kings and queens on their ability to have children. After she calmed down she introduced herself. Her name was Khepri, which means morning sun (which really fit because she was gorgeous!). I think Egyptian names are pretty cool.

After we saw Hatshepsut's temple we took a bus (nice change after 3 days on a camel) to the valley of the kings. We saw King Tut's tomb, which was SUPER cool. They say that there is a curse on Tut's tomb, "Death comes on wings to he who enters the tomb of a pharaoh." A lot of the first people who entered Tut's tomb died by a strange illness, although those who don't believe say it was from the mold and old dust inside the tomb. What do you think? Is the curse real??

Next week Mia and I are going to Verona, Italy, the home of Romeo and Juliette. I can't wait, we get to see Juliette's house, and eat some really great Italian food (including gelato [gel-ah-toe], an ice cream like dessert). I am also thinking about taking a short trip to France for the beautiful architecture and shopping, and Germany for the Chocolate.

P.S- The first picture is of King Tut's treasures and such found in his tomb, and the second is of Queen Hatshepsut's temple


  1. Kelsey, I sure love how you framed those photos! Dang, that is fancy! Thank you for more information on Egypt. I love how it's EITHER a curse or the MOLD that killed a few people who entered the tomb. What was it about Egypt that kept you there and MOST IMPORTANTLY, are you seeing the riots and demonstrations? It's all over the news how the government might be overthrown...soon. Tell us! Carolyn

  2. Are you in Cairo right now? if you are, how was the march, I heard that some of the rulers supporters started raining stones and bottles on the protesters, CRAZY times! It sounds like you are having a great time! I hope that you took pictures of some of the artifacts that were destroyed in the riot BEFORE they were destroyed! I'll bet the bus seats felt extra cushy! Oh, and if you are in Cairo right now, did you see the people make a human chain around the Tut museum? I saw it all over the internet in our cabin by Lake Baikal. You must be so amazed to be in Egypt in such a historical time!