Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Morocco and Now in Thailand

Finally, we arrived in Bangkok. We took a tuk-tuk, which is a three-wheeled taxi with a long seat in the back that can hold two people and one seat in the front, which is in the middle of the tuk-tuk, for the driver. It dropped Keegan off at his Muay Thai match and me at the floating market.

At the floating market I was looking at some particularly interesting looking fruits, which are called the mangosteen, and I was taking such a good look at them that I leaned a little to far over... and you know what happened then? I fell into the canal!!! A few mangosteens went over, too. But, the people just ignored me and kept selling their food and flowers and other random stuff. I barely got a hand on the plank of the boardwalk. I hoisted myself up and all was okay - right then, anyway.

I got a few of the mangosteens, and they were really good. I think they're my favorite fruit now. Well, at least I bought ten pounds of them to last me a while.

Then, I went to see the Reclining Buddha. It was ENORMOUS! I was about one-toe high. The statue is 49 feet high and 150 feet long. Now that's what I call big! I just had to touch it. I looked around. Nobody was looking. Of course, there were cameras in the corners of the building, but I reached out, and I touched the enormous toe. I quickly walked away and acted like I hadn't done a thing.

I went back to pick up Keegan in a tuk-tuk. Have a good time, everyone!


  1. Nicolas was the water cold and what did the fruit taste like? Have a nice time.


  2. Nicholas, what a wonderful post. Thank you!!!! Falling in the canal just freaks me out. That is NOT the most pristine water and it's so busy, as I remember, who would stop to help fish you out? ACK! And the photos were so carefully chosen...that fruit! I remember the fruit from Thailand being sort of furry-ish...That mangosteen looks like a flower. Gorgeous. But my favorite part of your blog has to be the toe-grab. :) :) You did what every single person wants to do...touch the things that are off-limits! Especially enormous toes that are at eye-level! Thank you for showing us the colorful and bustling and religious sides of Thailand. Carolyn

  3. I got to touch Buddha's belly too! I was rock climbing in Crested Butte, Colorado, having a great day, until I got stuck on the rock. The rock was shaped like Buddha's belly and it was so big it scared me. I got stuck for at least 20 minutes on his big belly until my camp counselor climbed up and pulled me to the top. Maybe I should visit Thailand so I can climb that Buddha's belly too! Hope you stick around to bail me out :-)