Monday, January 10, 2011

Pyramids, Camels and Me!

I want to go to EGYPT!!! I want to see the Great Pyramid of Giza so I can find out how tall it is by climbing it. There are chambers in the Pyramids used as tombs for their Kings. The Great Pyramid looks very interesting because all of the bricks were carried by many strong, brave men.

I also want to travel through Egypt by camel. Camels look funny and are very bumpy, and I like watching them spit.

I am going to pack lots and lots and LOTS of cut shirts (you know, the kind without sleeves) so I don't burn to death while I climb the Pyramids.

Hopefully Frances will meet me there, but she is traveling by train, which could be a bit difficult across the Atlantic, and I am traveling by boat and camel.

Frances, I will race you to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza!

Cody L.


  1. Okay, Cody and Frances, I want to travel with YOU! Scaling pyramids, buckling up on beds on trains, knowing places all over will be FUN! Wow. You two are destined to travel and make the world smile! Cody, you should read the book Man on Wire. It's about the French man who walked between the Twin Towers on a wire! Check it out! Same spirit! Frances and you will be on my radar as we head out next Friday! Carolyn

  2. Cody, this is Frances. Not FRANCIS. HA HA HA. I got a little claustrophobic just thinking about the tombs. Did you know that the people who buried the kings and queens also buried the their servants while they were still alive? That probably won't freak you out. Does it? Did we decide on Egypt? I am interested in Egypt if we're going. I have a family friend who is going to Egypt to work for the government. She is going to Cairo. I can email her or call her to find out information about Egypt. Frances

  3. Hi Cody, it's "Yacob" and Nicholas. We have a couple questions.

    1. Why do you like watching camels spit?
    2. How long do you think it is going to take you to climb the Giza Pyramid?

    Anyway, it seems like a very interesting country. So have fun climbing! We are excited to hear more.

  4. It makes me laugh when camels spit because their lips jiggle!

    It should take me about 15 hours to rock climb the Pyramid, but I don't know how long it will take me to talk Frances into going up there with me.

  5. Cody, YOU ROCK!!! You should learn to spit like a camel, and then when the traveling is over, you could do a demonstration for us all!!!! Some advice, PACK LOTS OF SUNSCREEN!!!!

    Niki Mouse :)

  6. Cody, I can't believe that you and Fjoy are going to climb the Pyramid! That is soooooooo exciting!! When I see a camel spit it makes me laugh too. As a matter of fact I laugh so hard it is not even funny any more. But when I see a camel spit the next time I laugh just as hard as the time before!

    I can't wait to hear how it was to climb up the pyramid!


  7. Cody I'm not so sure that you're aware of this,
    but Eygpt, to me, is really dangerous.Do you
    know how many poisonis creepers and crawlers
    live there?Well, I hope you have a good and non
    poisonis time!
    see you later!

  8. Hi Cody I hope you have a lot of fun riding a camel and climbing the pyramid. Don't fall off the pyramid it is a long way down!! I hope you have a great time in Egypt!