Monday, January 10, 2011

Buckling Up

Cody and I do not know where we are going yet.  But I bet it's a good place. I bet all places are fun. Like this one in the picture when we crossed the country from Washington DC to Truckee on the train. In this picture I am showing where I slept and where Eleanore slept above me. She almost wore the seat belt because the train was wobbly.  I never wore the seat belt because I was on the bottom bunk and it would have been a longer fall for her than me. Cody wants to travel by plane but I want to travel by train. Trains are on the ground. Planes are not. It's a higher fall from the sky than from the upper bunk. Remember to buckle up! Frances Joy   


  1. Hi Frances,
    I am SO with you on traveling by train. And I am also with you on thinking every place is fun. I think that where ever you go will be a great adventure. Have a great time where ever you and Cody end up traveling to. See ya'! Eleanore

  2. Francis, I wish I could travel with you but I am going to travel by boat and camel. I will meet you in Egypt!

    Cody LaPlante

  3. Francie Pants,
    I love the way you come back around to your original point, I love that style of writing, and if Cody falls, well, I hope he doesn't get TOO hurt!! I can't wait to hear who wins the pyramid race!!

  4. Hi frances I am so excited for you and the other friends!! How many days did it take you and what did you eat?
    I will miss you when you are gone.