Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skiing rocks again!!!

We are having another sweet time SKIING!!! So fun, and tons of ........................................................ SHEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!

We were driving along the road sipping hot cocoa, (pretty good, but not as good as yours, Eleanore) when we saw them, tons of them, all of them staring at us, some merely chewing grass, some just, well, STARING at us.

Oh, "Logan's bad crash."

Sorry Logan. Just had to put it on.(Ha Ha Ha) We also went to the forest to see New Zealand's oldest tree:

The trunk was 45 feet around! Walking thru the forest was pretty cool, except that (get this) if a hairy spider jumped on your face, the guide said not to scream! Fortunately,we didn't run into any "big hairy spiders" on our little "excursion" into the forest.

Anyway, it's been fun!



  1. Jacob I think it would be pretty weird to be skiing one minute and have a sheep staring at you the next. well have a nice time in wherever you guys are going next.


    P.S. is Logan all right.

  2. Wow, that was a baaaa baaad fall Logan took. ;-)

  3. It's all Logans fault that he fell, he probably was trying to take a picture of you skiing and didn't see a big rock sticking out of the snow.There's no need to tell what happens next.I'm just wondering if he threw the camera to you at the last second and you managed to get a picture of his wipe out.
    have fun exploring!

  4. Oh, Jacob, that TREE! Oh my gosh! Yes, and I remember walking through the forests in Thailand, watching my footing over the trees' big, webbed "feet"/roots when my friend said, "Carolyn, watch out!" And there, right at eye level was the BIGGEST, HAIRIEST spider ever! Great entry, Jacob. Thank you. Carolyn

  5. Logan is fine Cody.


    P.S. (to anna,) I had my own camera.

    Yacob :( :)