Wednesday, January 19, 2011

King Tut's Tomb and Us

 Hi this is Frances. Cody and I just got out of seeing Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings south of Cairo. When we were in there, I imagined I was Howard Carter (who was an Egyptologist who found King Tut's tomb). I was walking down the stairs, then chipping through the rock in the passageway,  cracking the door open a bit, slipping my candle into the dark. Still imagining I was Howard Carter, I peered into the antechamber and saw gold animals everywhere. I walked through and saw another door, which led me to the Annex. I imagined how it took 2 months to unload and put labels on all the riches in the annex and the antechamber. Finally, I tapped Cody on the shoulder and said, "Let's go into the Burial Chamber," (aka, "the Golden Shrine"). 

Cody was a little nervous and tired from climbing the Pyramid of Giza that day but he said, "Okay."

Engravings on the wall of the shrine

Just like Howard Carter did, we went in and saw a big golden wall, which really was a big golden box holding King Tut. And on the sides of the box said, "Be Strong & Safe Travels!" Beside the box were oars that the ancient Egyptians believed would help him get across the waters of the underworld. That means he was going to another life.

In the Valley of the Kings, we found a guy trying to do what Cody did

I am already missing being in the Valley of the Kings and inside the tomb of King Tut. And I bet Cody is missing the top of the pyramid, too. Cody and I are on the same continent and in the same country but we are interested in drastically opposite things. He wanted to go to the TOP of the Pyramid of Giza and I wanted to go to the darkest depths of Valley of the Kings. 

See ya! Frances Joy 


  1. Wasn't it kind of freaky in King Tutankhamun's Tomb? I mean, there could be spiders down there, you know! Nicholas

  2. Fjoy, Wow! Freaky! Crazy! Amazing! Were you scared? I think that I would be pretty nervous to go down under the Valley of Kings and see King Tut's Tomb! Have a really good time exploring Egypt! LZ

  3. Nicholas, you sure hit it on the head! This is her MOTHER speaking, but Frances is not a happy person when a spider is in any corner of the room she's in! But here's the thing I also know about Frances: she LOVES adventure! If it's the fastest, slowest, tiniest, biggest, deepest, highest, darkest, brightest, she's THERE! Frances, I loved your adventure. Thank you for showing us the adventure, move by move. I can imagine how short of breath that Howard Carter must have been, finding what he did! One thing: why in the heck did the ancient Egyptians bury their kings in THAT valley? I want to know! Carolyn

  4. Frances, Ellie and I are SOOOOOO going to the tombs when we get there, great idea! Is it really hot there? Was it really stuffy in the tomb, or was the air clear? Have a good time! Miss you!!

    Niki Mouse :)

  5. have a great time there i can not wait to go there its gong to be amazing!!!!!!