Friday, January 21, 2011


Turkey is awesome I don't want to leave this country! anyway i tried to post a pic but it did not work so im gonna wait for help, my pic was a great phto of my freind Aga witch means sowrd in turkish she is very pretty and also extremly sweet, she wore a traditional dress for the picture and she looked lovley the she gave me a lesson and a dress and we did a traditional dance perfomace, it was very fun. While i was there i also rhode on a huge and beautiful elephant her name was armagan witch means giftshe is an amazing animal....... I also learned to say "Hello how are you today?" and "Please help me" and "May iI take your picture". turkey is a great country and i would love to vist again and agai and again..


  1. Ellie, hi sweetheart. I'm so glad you enjoyed Turkey. Of course you tried dancing! You're a mover! Tell me, what was your favorite physical phenomenon? Water? Mountains? And when I think of Turkey, I think about the people and whether they're coming or going (pushed or pulled), from where, and why. Is there something you could let us know about that before you head all the way to the south eastern tip of Africa? Thanks! Carolyn

  2. Ellie, Turkey sounds fantastic! Did you eat lots of turkey there?

    Sorry, but whenever someone goes to Turkey I always have to ask them if they ate lots of turkey. It is like a bad habit of mine. LZ