Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bit nervous.

Oh gosh. I will admit I am nervous. Anna and I have decited to go to Greenland as our first. All I can think about is being cold. So I am planing on packing plenty of jackets. Well I should get back researching on where Anna and I will stay in Greenland. All right. I can't wait to write you from Greenland!! Hope to see you all before I leave!


  1. Eleanore! Anna! Greenland! Holy cow! I love how you are so adventurous from the start. I cannot wait to hear what it's like to HEAR glaciers "calve." I have always wanted to hear that. I wonder if I can find that sound on youtube? How do you research places to stay? And do you think there might be some serious SCIENCE going on there? Maybe there's an expedition you can join? WOW! Carolyn

  2. Can you make a snow angel for me please? Just for me? Pleeeeeeease? OK thank you. Jacob

  3. The problem with Greenland is that it is all ice no snow!= no skiing! lots of ice skating (at least in most parts there is no snow)If you guys like ice climbing and cool views you are going to the right place.

  4. Yes, I do like ice climbing. I hope Anna does too. We were thinking about swimming to Europe from there but I think that the water is to cold. See you. LZ

  5. Explore the glaciers for me! Jacob can have his snow angel, but I, I want glaciers!! You know, I found some thermal underwear at the store, I think it would be perfect for you, especially because you are 1. going to Greenland 2. PACKING LOTS OF UNDERWEAR (go to my post to be in on the joke)

    Niki Mouse :)