Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hiding out in Croatia

After breaking Cody out of jail with my ginormous camel we found a sail boat and sailed Northwest to Croatia

We sailed by Greece into the Adriatic sea.

There are a lot of cool islands

They call it the Dalmation coast.  I wonder why.
We landed in Dubrovnik where we were met by my second cousins.  After a tour of the city we went to the house where my Great-grandfather was born in the town of Hotanj.

He came to America when he was 15 because his family couldn't grow enough food to feed him.

He worked as a coal miner in Montana and sent money back to Croatia so his family could have a tile roof instead of straw. Some of my relatives still live in this house.

It is beautiful in Croatia but I am ready to keep traveling.  From Frances Joy


  1. Frances Joy, this is such a moving blog entry. Thank you for taking your time and really showing us the power of people and place. It's beautiful that you connect with your great grandfather, who, like so many immigrants to this country, came because he wanted to help his family at home. And in the helped create YOU. I will always remember you in Croatia, a baby, but a bubbly and happy and eager baby. Love, Carolyn

  2. Fjoy, your blog is so great! It makes me want to go to Croatia again. Have a blast traveling! LZ P.S. was it hard to bust Cody out of jail?

  3. frances i might have an idea where we can go next maybe south pole anyway great post

  4. First of all, thank you SOOOO much for busting Cody out of jail! I was not too happy about visiting the officials in Giza. You are such a trooper to keep traveling after that crazy adventure. Maybe you can have a serious talk with Cody about learning how to follow the rules of whatever country you two are visiting next.

    I was very excited to learn about Dubrovnik. I think you have convinced me to skip Italy and go to Croatia. It seems too awesome to pass up! But I don't want to be bailing Cody out of jail while I'm there!


  5. Frances,

    I'm glad you had such a great visit to Croatia. Aren't you worried that the Egypt police are hot on your tail looking for Cody? Or have you been wearing disguises?