Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ready to go

Well I think Mia and I have decided to go to South Korea least thats what she said. Did you know you can't even visit North Korea?? I'm not exactly sure what the weather will be like, but from what I googled it's suppost to have mild winters. So im thinking jeans (always a must with me), t-shirts and a bunch of sweaters and jackets. I'm looking forward to sampling some new foods, but I'm also a little nervous, because the farthest I've ever gone is South America.
Well I'm off to reasearch some citys or towns we could stay in, more later.

Cupcake (Kelsey)


  1. Wow, maybe Ellie and I should start google-ing Europe, that is a great idea! Well, have fun, and STAY AWAY FROM NORTH KOREA! Tell me about your adventures,

    Niki Mouse :)

  2. Kelsey and Mia, I'm so excited to hear about South Korea. We had an exchange student from Seoul stay with us for several weeks years ago. We started eating kim chi (cultured vegetables) and rice for breakfast. We learned that Se Young went to school from 8AM until 8PM and then two hours of homework. She worked so hard; all the young people did there. It was very fun having her in our home. I would think about adding a dress or skirt to your backpack: when I was in Thailand years ago, if I wanted to go into temples (and you WILL--they're beautiful) you have to wear a skirt or dress. They had them on loan for us tourists who weren't sensitive to the dress code. :) You're so lucky you get to go with Mia, someone so connected to Korea. I can't wait to hear what SHE's excited to see. Relatives, I hope! Carolyn

  3. You are lucky you are with Mia, Kelsey, since she speaks Korean and will be very helpful! Jacob and Nicholas

  4. Have a blast in South Korea Kelsey!! I bet you will have time of your life the trying new foods an being a part of their culture! See you! LZ

  5. Kelsey oh Kelsey,
    I really have nothing to say except try not to
    look like a gaper.

    wish you luck!