Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whatever you do...don't play "Rock Paper Scissors" for Coordinates!

Hi travelers! Great posts so far. Just a little confusion on finding coordinates.

Remember the orange Jeff brought into class? Latitudinal lines divide the Earth (or orange) into "slices." Longitudinal lines divide the earth (or orange) into "wedges."

It is a rule among navigators that Latitudinal lines go first in the listing of coordinates. Longitudinal lines go second.

Soooo. When you write your coordinates the N/S goes first (remember: they divide the earth into slices) and then the E/W goes second (dividing the earth into wedges). 

Cody N., when you post your entry, would you mind really explaining how you navigate by boat? Maybe have your dad and mom help you explain it? 

Let's try it.  Start with your LATITUDINAL lines (slices), and find "30N." Now find the LONGITUDINAL lines (wedges--or another way to remember is to be an opera singer and say LONGITUDE and feel how LONG your mouth muscles stretch).  Find the longitudinal line "30E." On this globe, where do your fingers meet? Where would you be? MANY of you have been here already this winter! 

Yep! Egypt!



  1. Hey guys! It is LZ talking. I have another way you can remember that Latitudinal lines go first: you know when you say "North, South, East, West" you start with "North, South"? Just think of that when you are saying the coordinates of some location. "Start with North, South."

    I don't know. It might help. See ya'! LZ

  2. Thanks, Eleanore! Great idea! It's all about tricking your mind into remembering! :) :) C