Wednesday, February 16, 2011

67 degrees N I53 degrees W

Who knew that Penguins and Polar Bears never meet? Polar Bears live only in the Arctic and Penguins live in Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, and many other places in the world. Polar bears can't see very well but they can smell you from a mile away and they are very dangerous. Lucky for Frances and I, there are no polar bears in the Gates of the Arctic National Park but there are tons of caribou.

We are in the Brooks Mountain Range and it is amazing! Yesterday was the best day of powder skiing I have had in the Arctic. Francis and I built this HUGE kicker, honestly I think Francis got the biggest air off it, but I learned a new trick, a triple rodeo 1260. It was awesome, until I realized I was standing in the middle of a herd of caribou. Big Daddy Bou was NOT happy! He huffed and he puffed and he CHARGED! I "SKI-daddled" out of there faster than the 1997 world record speed of 150 mph! Sorry Jeff, I'm 9 and I have beaten your skiing and your bowling records! Maybe next year :-)

Once Frances and I got back to camp we found some awesome arrowheads. These are made from chert and chert is everywhere in the Brooks Range. I figure making a throwing knife would be safe right about now just in case Big Daddy Bou finds me. It's freezing and my fingers are not able to type very well so I will have to check in once I get to a warmer climate.

Safe travels!

the chert is a fine graned


  1. Cody, how long did it take you to realize you were in the middle of a heard of caribou??

    And, I am very amazed that FRANCES of all people got the most air! I thought that she HATED getting air! Well, maybe she turned over a new leaf.

    See you soon. LZ

  2. HAHAHAHA! Ski record and bowling record CRUSHED by Cody! Jeeeez, spoiler!!!! :) So, now you're in North America, way up there in Alaska and you're need to write a book: Skiing Around the World. No one would believe you could do it, but you ARE! Thank goodness you escaped Big Bou. Not a great place to the hooves of grazing or migrating Caribou. Did you ever read Hatchet? Those things can kick!!! Frances has turned over a new leaf, I think, Eleanore: she likes being in the "park," doesn't she? I wouldn't know. I'm still tightening my boots at the top of the run by the time you two are done with the run! Cody, thank you for the entry. Love that you're happy, kiddo! And as for the polar bear, Doug would be VERY happy that there are none where you are! Oh, and this is fun: Eleanore is at 2 degrees South and you are at 67 North and that makes a WORLD of difference on the globe, doesn't it? Carolyn

  3. Hey Cody, remember that comment I wrote a month ago (or something like that) when I asked you if you where going to try a triple rodeo 1260? And I said don't answer THAT, well you just ANSWERED me

    well have a nice time,
    Cody :)