Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1 South 91 West

After Keegan and I went to Easter Island, we took a flight northeast to the Galapagos Islands. Once we got there, we went to the beach. I was climbing the rocks beside the sand, and then I saw this swallow-tailed gull! I was just about to take off from the rock when I got this picture. I asked our guide about the gull, and he said that they have night vision because they can catch fish and squid that rise to the surface at night to eat plankton. In breeding season they have red rings around their eyes, but when it is not breeding season, they have black around their eyes.

After seeing the swallow-tailed gull, I climbed back down the rocks. Then I spotted this ENORMOUS tortoise!!! So I went up to him and snapped a picture, and he took a step forward right on my toe!!!!! It hurt sooooo bad! But I didn't care because I was so moonstruck by being so close to this massive creature. But then I wondered if there were any other creatures in the rocks, so I climbed back up...

...and as I was looking for a foothold, I saw it! I excitedly asked the guide what kind of crab it was, and he told me that it was a Sally Lightfoot crab. I like this crab a lot because it's bright yellow and red and a tad of orange here and there. My hand was on the rock right next to him, and I guess he didn't like it because he pinched me HARD and scurried away as fast as lightning! I started sucking on my finger, and it didn't hurt as bad after that.

I had a fun trip to the Galapagos Islands (and Easter Island, too). My finger and toe are still hurting a bit, but they are healing quickly. See you all soon!


  1. Nicholas, great post! So interesting. And 1 degree! Wow, you're practically ON the equator! Dang! Was it hot on the Galapagos? I loved the animals you chose to talk about. Such different species of animals! I have always wanted to go to the Galapagos. So much life in those waters and on those islands. Were there lots of tourists? I've heard there are so many these days that the islands are being trampled. Tell me! Carolyn

  2. Nicholas, It sounds like you are having a blast in the Galapagos! How many types of animals live there do you think?

    I am glad you are having a blast! LZ