Wednesday, February 16, 2011

20 N 155 W

This is just one of the many, many sea animals I saw when I went diving. This is a Mandarin Fish that is extremely shy, so it was a rare find. I turned around and saw a normal looking fish swimming around, and then it got scared and puffed was a puffer fish! This is a brown spotted puffer fish.
(I got sort of scared since they are poisonous.) I swam away around a corner of a reef, looked around for some more fish, and saw this beautiful purple octopus.

After about 15 minutes of following it around (I kept my distance so I wouldn't scare it), I looked at some awesome coral. It was bright orange, and if I hadn't studied it closely, I would not have found this sweet seahorse.

Then I decided I was done with diving for now and I would go to the surface and try something new. I concluded that I would take surfing lessons for the last half of the day. You know how guides give you all this boring information before you do the thing that you pay for? Well, he said something about not going out too far, but I didn't pay much attention to it, so that's why I got into a big mess with a HUGE wave. I was just paddling out to sea on my board, and suddenly I noticed that the sea seemed to be higher than I was. So I got on my board and hoped the wave would take me to shore. It was really freaky being inside a wave! After that adventure, I will listen to my guide ALL the time! Me in the big wave:

Sorry, I'm still shaken by my adventure, so I'll stop writing, have a bath, and go to bed. Have you guessed where I am? I am on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Bye!



  1. Wow!! That wave is HUGE!! It is like Jaws! Who took the photo?

    It's amazing how many animals live under the water!!


  2. Jacob, have I ever seen more color in a five minute period? Never. Thank you for that alone! I loved gazing at your post! That octopus! They are special creatures, I remember that from the aquarium we went to in Honolulu. Did you know we saw Jaws HAPPENING when we were in Hawaii last year? Helicopters, crowds of people walking a good mile through the pineapple fields to get to the cliff to watch. Jet skis taking the surfers out to the surf and then snatching them up after they fell or finished. The walls of water was amazing to see, approaching, crashing, and those little ant-people attempting to ride them. Crazy. I can see why a nice bath was necessary! I also love how your writing made me feel so peaceful under the surface and then, up above, suddenly, the world was in violent motion. I can see why people dive now. Peace, beauty, harmony. Thank you!!!! Carolyn

  3. did the octopus ever see you? did it atack


  4. Jacob that sounds awesome! Hope you're having a great time in Maui.

    Cody :)