Thursday, February 17, 2011

2* South 30* East

Hi Everyone! Right now I am in Rwanda, a country in south/central Africa. I was in Chad with Anna but then I came down here. Here I am exploring the mountains and watching the Mountain Gorillas.
This is one of the gorillas that I saw. I named her Wanda. I think she liked that name.

Those animals are my new favorite. They are so peaceful and so much like us. But humans have so much drama and the gorillas are just living their happy, calm  lives in the mountains.

I am staying in a tent about half way up Mt. Karismbi (above), the mountain that Dian Fossey did most of her research on. It feels really good to be standing on a mountain that a woman with so many dreams made so much change on. Before Dian, people around the world didn't really care about the poaching of the Mountain Gorillas.  They didn't know them or understand them.  Now, after she observed them, took photos of them and introduced them to the world, people are against the poaching of the Mountain Gorilla.

Sadly, tomorrow I am going to have to leave to go somewhere else but Rwanda and its gorillas will always be one of my favorite places. 

See you all really soon! Time is flying by!! Safe travels! LZ
P.S. I heard from my cousin who lives in Reno that there is a REALLY big snow storm in Truckee!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 


  1. Eleanore, your comments about the gorillas are so sensitive and poetic...and well, not to embarrass you, but so deeply philosophical. I love reading your words. Thank you! The map is great and it makes Rwanda look BIG! But it's not, is it? And I'm sure she likes "Wanda!" It's so patriotic a name! When are you meeting up with Anna, who asked, "WHERE AM I?" Help her! Save her! Get her! And off you go to where? Carolyn

  2. Eleanore that sounds like a super fun trip. And those photos are awesome!

    Cody :)