Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HERE I COME AK!!!!!!!!

I didn't want to come to Alaska just because of the heli-skiing, I could name 12,45689023,00000099,99998,445631245 more reason, no joke! THERE IS SOOOO MUCH TO DO HERE AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! (Sorry I had a little to much hot chocolate).

The animals here are soooooo cool! The narwhal , the wolverine, the polar bear, the arctic fox, the walrus, oh, and of course the MUSKOX. The muskox is such a cool animal, it is a snow oxen. It is so tough it can kill a bear!!! The herd gets in a circle formation and puts all of the young muskox in the middle then the biggest male muskox goes out and attacks the predator. Sometimes if the predator is smaller, like a wolf, the muskox, with it's strong hind legs, will kick the predator into the circle, landing easily with a broken leg or two and the rest of the herd will trample over the predator. BRUTAL!!! They are actually really kind animals. Just don't drink too much hot chocolate and try to pet them because you may get kicked straight into the emergency room. Alright, I have to go get another refill on hot cocoa so I can go pet some muskox!!!! see ya'll soon!


  1. Okay, Logan, you're hilarious. Really, you have an amazing sense of humor!!!!! And you keep serving us up. Would you mind asking Jacob to get some photos of the tussle between you and the muskox? Thank you for your entry. I really liked hearing about the muskox. I'll bet if you ask Human Mamas how kind they most of the time and then what happens to them when someone threatens their babies....oooooohweeee, I instantly think muskox. Watch out. Fun how mothers everywhere, in any species, fight hard for their babies. Now, be sure to write to your mother! One questions: what is climate change doing to the muskoxen...are they as affected as the polar bear? Carolyn

  2. Hey, Logan you were supposed to take the flight to the Antarctic NOT THE ARCTIC!!!!!! Sigh,oh well. see you in the next country.

    Yacob :)

  3. Carolyn, The climate change is affecting the Muskox but not nearly as much as the polar bear. First of all most the Muskox live in Northern Alaska and there is more land in alaska than there is in the norh pole. They are also vegetarians so their seals (plants) aren't going anywhere.

  4. That hot chocolate looks REALLY good! I am really hungry! That really looks good! Wow, I am REALLY hungry. I dunno about the whole muskox thing, it seems a little, I dunno, dangerous?! Maybe? Have you tried heli-skiing with a muskox and drinking hot chocolate? I am going to go buy some hot chocolate, bye!

    Niki Mouse :)

  5. Logan, I triple double quadruple dog dare you to kick a Muskox!! :) I will pay for any medical costs. Not. LZ