Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inner Tubing (of all things) in Antarctica!

Hi everyone! Cody (I'll explain why it's Cody Nern later) and I actually went inner tubing in Antarctica!!!!! It was really scary because if you fell out, you would basically freeze to death. (Nobody fell out.) Next, we went to see the emperor penguins. The babies almost look like stuffed animals! but If you want to hold one, the parents as fierce as lions! (So don't try.)
We also went on a seal watch, and I saw the cutest seal I ever saw. It was just siting there on a piece of drift wood, and looking at the camera as if posing for a picture.

As you know, I met up with Cody here, and I can't seem to find Logan. He must have had too much hot chocolate, misunderstood our plans, and gone to the wrong pole. I'm lucky I had Cody here to keep me company. However, we met up with another kid named Logan, and we thought it was Logybear because he was all bundled up. We all skied together. This is "Logan":

I hope the real Logan is having a good time in the Arctic. Thanks for skiing with me, Cody!


  1. In fact, I did have a little to much hot chocolate, but luckily I sooooo much that I out ran the Muskox and the ER room.
    I also changed my plans to AK last minute because I always wanted to see the northern lights up close (did you know we can see the northern lights from our house or even L.A.!!!!!!!).

  2. Ya, Jacob I'm glad the snow was so soft, but, it did make the hiking really hard, I can't believe we couldn't git a helicopter to take us up to the top of the mountain!

    Cody :)

  3. Jacob... how did you meet the fake Logan?? LZ