Thursday, February 3, 2011

Peru Rocks

Hey everybody! It took 33 days but we finally made it to PERU. We had the currents and the winds with going with us from B.C. a
ll the way to Lima Peru. We also had some great fishing and saw some huge whales.  
  Thomas and I just arived in Peru yesterday, and guess what we saw right on the coast, the great Peruvian desert, the driest desert on earth! Thats right the driest desert on EARTH.
We pulled into Lima and threw out the anchor. We are now going to find the train that takes you to Machu Picchu. The lost city of the Incas. Discovered is 1911 by Hiram Bingham. It's AWSOME! I think we'll hang out here all day checking out the ruins.  -Catch ya later, CODY


  1. Driest on EARTH eh? Pretty amazing to see those wales to I would think. Peru sounds cool!

    Yacob :( woops my bad :) there :)

  2. Cody,

    Peru sounds so interesting! I have heard that the people there are really kind and gentle. Are they? I am really glad that you and Thomas are having a good time traveling!! See you in a few weeks. LZ

  3. hope you are having a good time tell me if you get to ride on a whale


  4. Oh Cody! I just LOVE reading how it took 33 DAYS to get to where you wanted to go. Wow! Not a day, not two...33! That's a whole different way of traveling. Thank you for that insight. And I love reading about that desert...the last time it rained was debatable: never or 400 years ago. Wow! And I loved your map in the blog! GREAT GREAT GREAT blog entry! Thank you. Your photo of the fish and you was especially fun to see...even for a vegetarian. Carolyn