Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trying to Tooth Walk in the Arctic

Cody and I are in the Arctic.  We are in a helicopter right now, which might be the best way to see how walruses live.  I picked walruses to watch out of everything else because they are so cute. I've never felt a walrus before, but I really want to. I don't think it'll be possible because they'll sense me coming from their detection devices...AKA...whiskers.

The male walruses are called "bulls." The females are called "cows." They sometimes use their tusks to move their blubbery bodies. This is called "tooth walking." Cody tried to do it but he didn't have long enough teeth.

I don't understand how the walruses have such blubbery bodies because their favorite food is shellfish.  They get it from the deep dark depths of the ocean floor. They can't see where the shellfish are so they have to use their whiskers. You'd think with all that exercise and little food they would be skinny.

From the helicopter we will watch them take care of their pups. They better watch those babies carefully because the polar bear try to eat them.

The walruses are very sociable. They like to lay on the ice with the other walruses.


  1. Fjoy, the walruses look and sound so cool! I love the "sociable" picture! It must be really fun to be in a helicopter and see all those amazing animals!LZ

  2. Frances, thank you for the walrus information! Wow! I just cannot imagine nestling in with those walruses as they cozy each other (and prickle each other) on that beach! What I'm interested in also is how they sustain themselves on shellfish! And furthermore, do they open the shells of the shellfish or just gobble them whole? Thank you, Frances! Carolyn