Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Big C

Champery is soooooo cool there is so much skiing to be had!!!!! This place is really cool because there is over 211 lifts that connect over 12 towns to Champery! I like this place because it is so small and everybody knows each other like Truckee. Champery is located in the heart of the alps. The first day here when we woke up Jacob and I looked out side our balcony and the mountains were HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people here speak a lot of languages here like Italian, German, French, and of course Swiss.

One day Yacob and I were on the chair lift getting ready to go skiing and I saw a little red dot in the sky and this guy was paraponting(paragliding) ! Jacob and I looked at each other we knew what we are going to do today. Next thing we knew we were at a paraponting school! It was a hard ruthless torturous work and I can go on and on and on for hours! At least we slept well that night. The next morning we were really exited to go base-jumping! One of the things our instructor said that we shouldn't do that is kind of weird is that you can't do corks, rodeos, spins and that kind of stuff, so we can only do like front flips and back flips. I went first I did a sweet superman front flip superman front flip and pulled my parachute and landed safely. Jacob went next and did a awesome double back flip!
Alright Yacob and I have to return our parachutes BY!
Logybear P.S. Please don't tell our parents about this.


  1. Logan, that sounds AWSOME! Hows the snow in the Alps? Are you going to
    go base jumping again?

    Cody :)

    P.S. I'm going to tell you're parents about that.

  2. I am telling your parents to, but they probably read the blog, and I would have to call them from the other side of the world, so I am NOT telling them. I heard in Truckee that all the snow is melting, and that the skiing is like April, how is it where you are? I haven't been in Truckee since December, and the snow was good then. . . Have fun skiing!

    Niki Mouse :)

  3. Logan,

    Base jumping sounds soooooooo fun!! I have always wanted to go sky diving. Is is kind of like that??? If that is the case I will be coming to the Alps and base jumping. ASAP. Have fun in the Alps!! I LOVE THE ALPS!! I can never get enough of them when I'm there and when I am gone i miss them sooooooo much. See you. LZ

  4. Logan, ummmmmm, wow. You lived an entire LIFE in this town in les Alps. I loved how you and Jacob looked at each other and knew just what you were going to do. And did I also liked that you thought the town was cool because its people spoke so many languages! I love that, too! Thank you for a great post! Carolyn