Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bird Watching in Madagascar

It was so fascinating to find these awesome birds and see them hanging out in the forest. This is one of my favorites, the long-tailed ground roller. It is rare (endangered) and is a ground dwelling bird.

This is the male velvet asity, which also called a false-sunbird and eats fruit.

Here is the female velvet asity. What have you been eating lately? Burger King? (Ha ha ha.)

I happened to catch this helmet vanga peeking out from behind his nest.

This pygmy kingfisher is so cute! I saw it catch a grub and feed it to its babies.

While I was bird watching, I randomly saw this little fluffy guy here. He is a lowland streaked tenrec and I named him Sparky because he looks like a mini firecracker. He was looking for earthworms when I found him, and I motioned to Logan to come over to see him. Logan looked surprised and said "What is that thing?!" The tenrec scurried back to his family burrow near a small stream when he realized we were there.

I wish I could keep one as a pet, but I can't (sigh). Oh well, he'd be too spiky anyway and I could never pick him up.

Have good travels!


  1. Jacob, I had no idea you were a birdwatcher! That's very cool. For a kid who prefers flying through the air yourself, I understand the affinity. :) Nice. I loved all the birds. Sights to behold! My favorite with the velvet asity, whose streak of powder blue is just gorgeous. I like Sparky, too. His name especially.

  2. Jacob, The birds are beautiful and I'd like to travel along with you for a few days since you find such wonderful wildlife! Let me know where I can meet you and I'll bring some goodies along with me!