Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keep Track of the Places You've Been

Every time you travel somewhere on this earth you bring yourself closer to people and places you never knew before.  You get to take away great stories and photographs; sometimes you take away new philosophies and perspectives; but what traveling also does is connect you to those people and places long after you leave them. Knowing a place and its people ties to you it and them. Forever.  

Beautiful as well as terrifying things happen in the places you have been. 

Those of you who visited New Zealand should make it a priority to know what has happened there in recent days. 

Also, those who traveled to Egypt, you too should know what has happened there since you left.

If you'd like to, respond to this entry or be ready Friday to tell us what has happened.




  1. Well, I have not been to those countries, but I have heard about the thing that have happened in both.

    In Egypt, there was a revolution.
    New Zealand had an earthquake.


  2. And Libya? Anyone? Have you heard? Carolyn