Thursday, February 24, 2011

0 degrees, 67degrees west

This is a Black-Faced Lion Tamarin
This is (in order) Yara, Davi, and Thiago

Hey everyone! We are always talking about the equator...but we are always on one side or the other. How about being on both?? That's what Mia and I did when we went to S. Gabriel da Cachoeira. It is right on the equator. It's so cool to have your left foot where the toilet bowl spins one way and your right foot where it spins the other. I'm not going to say what country or continent S. Gabriel da Cachoeira is in. That you have to find out ;)

Our tour guide took us to a wildlife preserve where we saw a Black-Faced Lion Tamarin, a very cute endangered species. Her name was Victoria, and she was cute as could be. Until she decided the banana in my backpack looked good. She pounced. Then off I ran, screaming at the top of my lungs, and Mia and the Guide laughing their heads off. That happens a lot (not the Tamarin jumping on me, the screaming at the top of my lungs part).

We met three children on our journey. Yara, Davi, and Thiago. Yara is 11, and she made us the best rice and beans with bananas. It was amazing. Davi is 8, and he showed us their pet dog, Rio, SO CUTE! Thiago is 10, and he was silent until soccer came up. He loved soccer. He showed us all the moves he knew and told us someday he would be on the national Brazilian soccer team. All three kids were adorable.

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  1. Love this, Kelsey. I was in Rio for six weeks once...and I LOVED the culture. It was the wildest city I've ever been in. Honestly. I've also stepped over the border in Finland and tippy-toed Russia. It wasn't the equator, but it was a border and it felt as you said, very fun. Nice entry. Thanks for being so "on it!" Carolyn