Saturday, February 12, 2011

15 east 15 north

First things first, let me get one thing strait, we don't mean to be in Africa. We accidentally hopped on the wrong flight. We meant to go to Hawaii but I said the right plane was one
plane and Eleanore said the right plane was a different one, we did ro-sham-bo to see who's
opinion we would take and I won ( I have a thing for winning ro-sham-bo ) it turns out Eleanore
was right. Now I know that you can always trust Eleanore with knowing which plane to get on.
I guess we will have to make the best of where we are. Right now we're in Chad which is located
in northern Africa. I'm feeling pretty lucky to be alive right now because Eleanore and I are
in a tree hanging on for dear life. You see, we were taking a tour of a jungle in Chad, when our tour guide,( an native African boy ) got taken by mountain gorillas. YIKES!! Those things are
scary with a capital "S." After they took our guide, they went strait for us! We ran as fast as we
could but they just kept on gaining and gaining until eventually they were about two yards away! We knew that we couldn't keep running forever so we grabbed hold of a branch and
began to climb a tree. Thats where we are right now and those mountain gorillas are still
down below us yelling and bellowing . I see one that looks really fat and hungry(I'm climbing up
a branch higher) boy I wish I could be back at the hotel right now!

If anyone has some escape ideas, I'd sure like to know. And soon!



  1. You are in Moa, Chad in Africa. I figured it out!


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  4. So, as I understand, you are in a tree, in the middle of a jungle in africa, with gorillas jumping at your legs. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Try to grab banana's and throw them faaaar away so the gorillas go after them and you can climb down and escape!

    Yacob ;)

  5. Now you admit it Anna! I am always right. Well, not always. But when it comes to choosing which is the right plane, I think that I will always be right. You just look at the sign above the little lady in the blue skirt at the fake wooden desk and if is says, "Hawaii", you are going to the right place but if it says,"Chad" you are going to Chad. Well, I should probably get back to helping Anna deal with the Mountain Gorillas. "Be Jane Goodall, beee Jane Goodall" Oooo, was I saying that out loud?? Sorry, that is my secret chant when I am dealing with Mountain Gorillas.

    Hopefully I will see you all soon!! LZ

    "Be Jane Goodall, beee Jane Goodall..."

  6. Ummmm, Anna? You played rock-paper-scissors to choose the "right" plane? What about using some human resources? Flight personnel, perhaps? :) :) Or as Eleanore wrote, you could just read the information...but maybe it was in the native language of BOTH countries!!!! You two are're ADVENTURERS! Might as well have spun the globe to find the places you wanted to travel...or did you do that?

    Now. About Chad. I see from your great map that Chad is landlocked. What kind of natural resources does it have? It must feel just the tiniest bit claustrophobic to be without a sea near you. We're lucky in California. So many ways "out!" :) A sense of possibility. the Mountain Gorillas. Jane Goodall is often confused with Dian Fossey...TWO AMAZING WOMEN...but Jane works with Chimps and Dian worked with Mountain Gorillas until she died. Did your chanting powers, Eleanore, plop you in Tanzania next to the smaller primates or did you wind up in Rwanda after all? Can't wait to hear/read.

    Anna, did you find a never-before-discovered family of mountain gorillas in Chad? Are there mountains in Chad? Forests? The only place I've ever read mountain gorillas live are in the mountains of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. I just now read there's a second population that lives in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (what a NAME!) in Uganda. Please let me know about the physical geography of Chad--more desert or more mountain forest/jungle? Thank you for your incredibly funny story. Carolyn

  7. ANNA, CHECK YOUR COORDINATES. You're not in Chad after all. Read my comment on Niki's blog entry to remember how to find yourself in a country. Carolyn

  8. ANNA'S ANSWERING: Yacob/Jacob, I would happily try
    your escape idea but the only problem is that we're in a fig tree. I don't know if mountain
    gorillas like figs, I know I don't!
    Carolyn I have to ask a question that no one
    should ever have to ask. Where am I?
    thank you for reading Anna is answering!