Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Okay, so I am definitely a little behind. Mia and I are in our next destination already (well actually last weeks, but I havent gotten a chance to e-mail her yet and find out where we are going next) and I am still blogging about Antarctica. I promise tomorrow will be the next blog. Scouts honor. Anyway, if I had to describe Antarctica in one word it would be COLD. This place is freezing. But on the outer, coastal if you will, places are swarming with animals. Seals and penguins and whales. I even saw a Narwhal, which is kind of like a unicorn whale. It has a long horn coming out of it's forehead. I wonder if fish ever get speared by their horn......it would be really hard and frustrating to eat something that was stuck two feet in front of you.

So I think that one of the best (and best tasting) ways to keep warm is to drink hot chocolate. Anyone disagree? It tasts good and its warm. The penguins were so cute, they came right up to me and tried to pull the tasles off my pants and jacket. I think one actually took a tasle, but I'm not sure. I wish I could have held one, they looked so cute. But not only were there laws holding me back, I'm pretty sure the penguin would have freeked out and tried to peck my eye out or something.

Well, thats all for now, you can read about our next place (or last weeks anyway) tomorrow.

Let me just say it was a whole lot warmer.


So the picture of the penguins reminded me of the little latino penguins from happy feet. I thought the real life ones were pretty cute

The Narwhal picture really shows the horn. I love it
And the seal was just super cute :)


  1. Actually Kelsey narwhals don't harm anything with there horns, they eat crustations and sea vegetation and sometimes tiny fish. although it would be frustrating if your dinner was stuck on your horn and you can't reach it.

  2. Kelsey, I did my own search of Narwhals and it's so interesting how many crazy, questionable sites there are out there! I learned a great lesson: when searching the internet for information, check and double check sites against sites so you're sure you haven't landed some incorrect, unscientific information. The predominance of sites say Narwhals are only found in the Arctic but there is at least ONE site out there with a thousand misspellings and lots of writing issues that says they are in the Antarctic, too. Hmmmm. Thanks for the lesson in research, Kelsey! It can be confusing out there! Carolyn