Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is the Sydney Opera House
This is a Numbat. Cute right?

This is Mike

Okay I'm finally caught up on my blogs!! Good thing I kept a journal of EVERYTHING that happened on all of my trips.

We are in Sydney, home of the world famous Sydney Opera House. We saw an opera there, but I can't say I'm a big fan. Opera just isn't my style. But the opera house itself is amazing! The architecture is just wonderful.

While in a small town just outside of Sydney ( I can't remember the name) we met a man named Mike. His name may be modern, but don't be fooled. He is descended from the original inhabitants of Australia. He showed us how to throw a boomerang. Mine didn't come back. Mike says it takes years of practice to get it right. I say it takes natural born talent. Either way I had to walk for 100 meters to get mine back.

Okay, the Numbat is one of the most cute animals I have ever seen (okay, I say that to every animal. But still...)!! It looks like a striped anteater (and I think it may be a type of anteater, I can't remember) with just a little bit of chipmunk. It is just so darn cute!!!

Okay, so the two things I always notice about a country is how cute the animals are and the food. We've already covered the cute animals, so on to the food. Now I'm not a big banana person, in fact I don't eat them without peanut butter, but in Australia they grill them on the BBQ. It was amazing ( I use that word waaaayyy to much). The banana caramelizes on the inside and it is delicious!

Well, all for now. I have to get some rest for our trip to the outback tomorrow to (hopefully) see some Kangaroos!! (By the way, Joeys [ baby kangaroos] are so cute!!)



  1. Kelsey, what a GREAT blog! I LOVE your writing! I can just hear your voice blaring right through those written words. Nicely done! My grandmother ALWAYS made me grilled bananas. And while she was an extraordinary traveler, she NEVER went to Australia! Where did she learn it? I loved the map most. Biased, I suppose. :) Carolyn

  2. hey kelsey,

    Having fun in Australia - me too!
    I may just move there - ha ha

    Cody :)