Thursday, February 24, 2011

27 degrees S 133 degrees E and 18 degrees S 175 degrees E

This is me surfing

This is a picture of my dad surfing in namotu two years ago

Hello there everybody!!!!! I happen to be blogging a little late ( I had Swollen glands it was not pretty) So here is my post about Fiji and Australia, Australia was really really cool! I loved all of the places we went, the sydny opra house, swimming on the great barrier reef, and so many other places I can not name them all!

This picture is a map of the Fiji islands Niki and I went to a Island called namotu it is so tiny that you can't see it on the map!, you can run around the Island in like 8 minutes! anyway when we meet again on the next webcast meeting im going to show You guys a traditonal warrier club it is very cool.... Did you know that the most deadly snake in the world live in namotu ( I forget the name) but they are accutaly not a threat at all their mouths are so tiny that they could really only get a hold of the web of your fingers, and they are very relaxed they to not care for humans in the slightest.

That's all I have for now!!!!



  1. Ellie, sorry that you got so sick! :( But, your trip sounds so fun anyway!! LZ

  2. Ellie, is that the island your parents went to? I LOVE that water! Ahhhhhh, it's so, well, RIGHT! To run around an island in 8 minutes is actually to be in awe of the miles and miles of ocean all around your tiny self, huh? So crazy. What about all those islands all around? Wow! On the globe, I'll bet you can't see most of those! And when the seas rise from global warming, what happens to your island and others like it? Ugh. Thank you for sharing this great stop!!!! Carolyn