Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maori New Zealand

Hi Everybody. I'm in New Zealand right now. Did you know that New Zealand is not on one tectonic plate, but it's on TWO? Yes. See the map.

I am staying with the Maori people and last night I watched "Whale Rider" with them. I suggest watching it.  

I learned that the leaders of the Maori people have connections with whales.  They believe that Paikea, their ancestor, rode to New Zealand on the back of a whale.

I also learned that the Maori people greet each other by putting their noses together. Next time I see you I'll show you how to do it. It's pretty neat but also hard to explain. I'll try. First you tap your noses together fast one time and then you back away and then you come back together and press your noses together for a long time. You have a long time to sense the other person. Try it.

I also realized that they there are lots of rules to be traditional Maori. Like, girls aren’t supposed to be leaders and they keep their hair long and when they do their war dance, they stick their tongues out to say to their enemies, “I’m going to eat you and your head is going to be on my Taiaha (stick) by the end of this battle.” 




In Whale Rider, the main character rides a whale. While I was watching that movie I wanted to try that but now I don't really want to because I'm just thinking how big the whales are and I'm kind of scared.  

As you can see, I'm not taking pictures of Cody's cool jumps. I'm just too busy being with the Maori people. Maybe, just maybe I'll go up and take a picture of him.





  1. Frances, I love your that connection to New Zealand is through the Maori people and theirs is through the whale! I know what you mean about how big they are. I want to touch one, though. Is that crazy? I just want to be close enough to one whale (and one wolf) to "sense" its being. Maybe not do a Maori greeting with one of Keegan's wolves, but definitely with a whale. If a whale is so big, can you imagine how big the ocean is? And thanks for the information about the tectonic plates. I've heard it described like this: the earth is covered with plates like a frozen pond is covered with cracked ice. I like that image. Carolyn (Mommy).

  2. Fjoy,

    Do you know what is really funny? I watched "Whale Rider" on the plane to Argentina! It made me want to ride a whale and go to New Zealand. I love the way the Maori greet each other. In America we say a quick "Hi" or a fake little hug and then continue on. But the Maori take time greeting someone. They acknowledge (I hope I spelled that right) the people around them. Really cool. We have to Skype soon, OK? Bye! Your Sister, LZ

  3. The thing I enjoyed most about studying New Zealand is the Maori Art. They carve beautiful art into wood and it looks so amazing I couldn't believe it was wood. They also use the Paua shell to make beautiful jewelry and art. Maybe next time you go to New Zealand we can leave Cody home (where he is safe) and we can go visit the Maori people together.