Thursday, February 24, 2011

33'S 134'E - I might just move here after ski season! -

Only 4500 nautical miles & 36 days @ sea

...from icebergs in the Southern Ocean
to great white sharks in the Indian Ocean
and kangaroos on the beach.

It sure feels good to be on land, even if only 
for a few days to arrange for fuel and food, 
because Kangaroo Island is NOT my final 
destination, only a great place to pull into 
after the long trip from Antarctica.

I'm headed to 22'S 14.36'E
Can you guess where I'm going?
hint: world's largest ______________.

OK - another 4 days with no wind in my sails,
but the coastal cruise was a great way to 
check out the wildlife with my binoculars
- crocodiles, water monitors, some awesome 
red birds called adelaids and koalas.

Now I am finally where I want to be, 
a group of Islands called the Whitsundays.
They are all that remains of a coastal range
which was submerged when sea levels 
rose at the end of the ice age.

There are lots of other boats around,
lots of people sharing dive stories,
great lobster dinners and music in the cockpit.
I think I'll move here - just kidding - well maybe someday.

See ya soon, Cody
P.S. have you guessed where I'm at?


  1. Cody, you are in Japan! Are you? I am pretty sure you are. Have fun! LZ

  2. Cody, I loved this post. I love all your nautical vocabulary and the photo of you on the boat and your incredible display of intuition as you decided NOT to surf! :) Cody, did/do you ever hear of families running into pirates? That kind of freaks me out. What about you? Finally, I've never ever been so surprised by a photo than the one of the kangaroo on the beach. Wow. Great entry! Carolyn

  3. Eleanore, you would have ALMOST found Cody, had you went out looking for him. When you fly to Australia, you often stop in Japan! Nice try! Thanks FOR trying! Cody, all your comments on everyone's posts are so great to read. Thank you. Carolyn