Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Okay, I may be a little behind on blogging...not sure how I managed that.

Italy is beautiful!!! It is such a wonderful place. While in Italy, we visited Casa di Giulietta and La Tomba di Giulietta, which, translated into english is House of Juliet, and The Tomb of Juliet. Both were extemly cool. Some people say that the de Capellos, who owned Casa di Giulietta around the right time pieriod, were the real Capulets. Shakespere got the insperation for Romeo and Juliet from a poem written by Arthur Brook. He got it from a French source. Who knows where it came from in the begining.....maybe it is a true story.

We also ate some AMAZING Italian food. Speaking of food, Germany has amaizing chocolate. I could spend my life eating that. I really could. Ya know where else has good chocolate?? Belgum. But I can't fit everything in. France was also awesome, the architecture is so beautiful, and so old. I saw the view from the top of the Eiffel tower, talk about breath taking. And not just beacuse I drug poor Mia up the thousands of stairs instead of taking the elevator. The shopping in France was also amazing, they focus on the beauty of things, unlike America. Americans rarely stop and marvle at the sheer beauty of things, it all about seeing as many things as you can, or hurring to the next place. Oh, and speaking of beauty......The Louvre. I don't have words to discribe the beauty of the art inside.

Well, tomorrow I'll talk about Antartica, but for now I will say, its COLD! How people spend long peirods of time here and don't freeze to death is beyond me.


The one with the stone bathtub looking thing is La Tomba di Giulietta

The one with the balcony is Casa di Giulietta, the blond chick is me!
The one with the amazing view is the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower



  1. Kelsey, Hi! I'm so glad you got BE in Antarctica and THINK about love, food and beauty (aka Italy, Italy/Germany/Belgium and France). Thank you for the bit of history on the greatest love story of all time and I when I saw the photo, I guessed it was you. I'm completely astonished that you climbed the Eiffel Tower. Did you rope in? Goodness, girl, that's a lot of scaling steel! I absolutely loved your comparison between Americans and the French. Stopping and seeing the beauty of things, buying the beautiful rather than plenty is such an interesting point. The Saturday Markets were gushing with beauty, all food being placed from boxes into baskets for the sheer beauty of the display. Great. Can't wait to hear about Antarctica. Does Doug sleep in a tent? Do most people sleep in tents there? Carolyn

  2. Cupcake, So cool you were in Italy and you went to House of Juliet and The Tomb of Juliet. So fun! LZ and Fjoy